Participants are expected to make their own travel arrangement including the accommodation. Some of the hotels close to Kashiwa campus are listed below. It will also be convenient to find hotels in Eastern part of Tokyo, e.g., near Ueno station on JR Joban line or Akihabara station on Tsukuba Express. There are also very limited number of rooms in our guest house, Kashiwa Lodge. If you wish to stay there or need further information on accommodations, please consult us by sending an e-mail to


Hotels near Kashiwa Station (JR)
Mitsui Garden Hotel Kashiwa East Exit
2min walk
TEL: 04-7166-3111
FAX: 04-7166-3194
The Crest Hotel Kashiwa West Exit
3min walk
TEL: 04-7146-1111
FAX: 04-7146-1121
Kashiwa Plaza Hotel/
Kashiwa Plaza Hotel Annex
West Exit
2min walk
TEL: 04-7147-1111
Kashiwa Daiichi Hotel East Exit
5min walk
TEL: 04-7162-1111
FAX: 04-7162-1136
Business Hotel TAKAGI East Exit
2min walk
TEL: 04-7167-2783
Hotels near Kashiwanoha-campus Station (Tsukuba Express)
Hotel del Prado East Exit
10min walk
TEL: 04-7131-7188
FAX: 04-7133-7877