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\name{Masaki Oshikawa}

\inst{ISSP, University of Tokyo}

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\title{ESR Spectrum in 3 Dimensions}

I will discuss the antiferromagnetic
XXZ Heisenberg model
{\cal H} = J \sum_{\langle j, k \rangle}
\left( S^x_j S^x_k + S^y_j S^y_k + \Delta S^z_j S^z_k \right)
- H \sum_j S^z_j .
We follow the method presented in Ref.~[1] to calculate
the ESR spectrum in the above model.
The details are shown in Ref.~[2].

\item [1] A. Einstein, Ann. Phys. {\bf 17}, 549 (1905).
\item [2] M. Oshikawa, arXiv:cond-mat/0704001