How to survive in Kashiwa  


How to get to ISSP


If you are flying to Japan for a visit to ISSP, it is most convenient to use Narita Airport (NRT), which is the main international airport for greater Tokyo area

@If you are visiting other places in Japan on your visit, you might come to ISSP from central Tokyo. Many cities in Japan are connected to Tokyo by railways.


From Narita Airport

Although there are many ways to come to ISSP from the airport, the following is recommended as the least confusing option. Taking a taxi directly from the airport to ISSP (or to central Tokyo, for that matter) will be very expensive and cannot be covered by our financial support.

  1. Take an airport bus for "Matsudo/Kashiwa".The tickets are sold at "Keisei Bus Counter" in the airport terminal. Please buy a ticket to Kashiwa (1,700 yen). Unfortunately, the service is not very frequent. The departure times from the airport are: 7:10, 9:00, 11:05, 13:35, 15:35, 17:35, 18:35, 20:35 . (Please check the most recent timetable here although unfortunately in Japanese.) If your arrival time is too late to catch the bus, please contact us for other means.
  2. Please get off the bus at Kashiwa (the third stop). The nominal time from the airport to Kashiwa is 100 minutes, but the actual time might be much shorter if the traffic is light.
  3. You are now at the front of "Crest Hotel" in downtown Kashiwa. You are still 7 km away from ISSP.
  4. Take a taxi to ISSP. Drivers will NOT understand "ISSP"; you should say "Tokyo Daigaku Kashiwa kyan-pa-su". You might want to print the following and show it to the driver. It would cost about 2,000 yen (more expensive late at night.)
  5. Welcome! Depending on your arrangement, ask the gatekeeper for the access to the guesthouse.
  6. Refer to the official campus map or the information map for the location of the buildings on the campus.

From Central Tokyo

The best way to come here of course depends on where you start. If you come to Tokyo by Shinkansen (bullet train), you would be at Tokyo station. Then the following is recommended.

  1. If you just got off the Shinkansen, go through an automatic gate for "Transfer to JR lines". (Do not take "Exit".) At the gate, you should pick up your ticket, which is still valid for local travel.
  2. Take Yamanote line or Keihin-Tohoku line for the direction "Akihabara, Ueno". Either Yamanote or Keihin-Tohoku line works fine.
  3. Get off at Akihabara, which is the second stop from Tokyo (or the first stop, if your train is "Rapid".)
  4. Follow the signs "Tsukuba Express" or "TX" for transfer.The "Tsukuba Express" is operated by a different company and has a separate section in the station. Before entering the Tsukuba Express section, you should exit the JR section of the station, through an automatic gate. Your JR ticket will not be returned here.
  5. At a vending machine for Tsukuba Express, buy a ticket for "Kashiwanoha Campus" station. The price is 650 yen.
  6. Enter the station through an automatic gate. Pick up your ticket and keep it.
  7. Take a train. (All the trains go to the same direction.)
  8. If your train is "Rapid", you should transfer to "Local" or "Semi-Rapid" train at Nagareyama-Otakanomori station. If your train is "Local" or "Semi-Rapid", you don't have to transfer. (Electronic displays inside the train would be useful.)
  9. Get off at Kashiwanoha-Campus station.
  10. After exiting the station, turn left to the West-side loop. There is a taxi stand and bus stops, in the front of a shopping center.
  11. Take a taxi to ISSP. Please refer to the above instruction from the airport on how to take a taxi. The cost of the taxi from Kashiwanoha-Campus station is about 700 yen.
  12. You can take a bus or even walk to ISSP from Kashiwanoha-Campus station, but probably you should take a taxi after a long trip with heavy baggages.