CODE:      BC*****L
JOURNAL:   Physical Review Letters
RECEIVED:  27Mar07 (REVISED) 30May07 
SECTION:   Condensed Matter: Electronic Properties, etc.
TITLE:     Universal temperature dependence of the magnetization
           of gapped spin chains 
AUTHOR(s): Maeda,Yoshitaka / Hotta,Chisa / Oshikawa,Masaki
PACS:      75.10.Jm 75.10.Pq
ADDRESS:   Dr. Yoshitaka Maeda
           Dept. of Physics + Astronomy
           University of British Columbia
           6224 Agricultural Road
           Vancouver, B.C., CANADA V6T 1Z1
PHONE:     1+604-822-3853
FAX:       1+604-822-5324
E-MAIL:    ymaeda@****.***.**

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